FAQ - Peachey Lane Campers


Do not drink & drive! It is dangerous for people around you and for yourself! If that is not reason enough, Norway’s limit is 0.02% of blood alcohol content before a person is charged with a crime. Fines are very high and you are likely to go to prison. Police is controlling very often.

Bed linen

We can offer you bedding set and towel at NOK 350 per person or you can bring your own.


Cancellations until 15 days before you pick-up will be refunded 100%. Change your date for free 7 days before (subject to availability).

If you cancel your booking within 24 hours after you have done the reservation we will refund you the full amount. After 24 hours a cancellation fee will be charged to the drivers credit card. The minimum cancellation fee is 1.500,- NOK and will be charged with any cancellation. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the date of cancellation (days prior to the beginning of the rental) and graduates as follow:

28 to 22 days = 50% of total amount of the rental

21 to 15 days = 75% of total amount of the rental

14 or less days = 100% of total amount of the rental

The toll roads flat fee will be refunded to 100%.

To cancel your reservation, write us an email and let us know your booking number. We will confirm you the cancelation in the following 24 hours.

Charging devices

Our campervans have a normal power socket, USB ports, and cigarette lighter you can use independently. It takes power from the camping battery in the car. You may also charge phones, computers, hairdryer etc. using the socket. But to use those you have to be connected to public power on a campsite or similar.

Credit card

Yes. We will always need the lessee’s ( driver’s ) credit card for charging a deposit on your arrival. According to your chosen insurance type, the amount of deposit will be: CDW insurance 16.000 NOK, SCDW insurance 7.500 NOK or Travel Safe CDW insurance 2.000 NOK. This deposit may be used to pay all extra charges, fines, damages, tank refill or any cost due to the use of the rented vehicle. If no costs will accure the deposit will be credited to the same card 10 days after the last rental day. We will also keep a deposit of 1000 nok with every rental for 8 weeks to cover parking fines (it takes up to 6 weeks before we get them).


Yes! A security deposit covering your self-risk fee, will be charged on your arrival. According to your chosen insurance type, the amount of deposit will be: CDW insurance 16.000 NOK, SCDW insurance 7.500 NOK or Travel Safe CDW insurance 2.000 NOK. This deposit may be used to pay all extra charges, fines, damages, tank refill or any cost due to the use of the rented vehicle. If no costs will accrue the deposit will be credited to the same card 10 days after the last rental day. We will keep 1.000 NOK of this deposit for at least 2 months after your have returned the vehicle for possible accruing parking fines, or unpaid parking tickets and speeding tickets. Make sure your credit card has sufficient funds on arrival.

Driver license

You need a normal official driver’s license from your country (Norwegian category B – normal size car) to rent a campervan. There is no international license required. We will take a copy of your driving license upon pick-up or request a copy (picture is fine) before arrival.

Please make sure your driver license has not expired by date.


Yes, you can fish in salt waters without any need of a permission or license. In lakes or rivers, you mostly need to buy a fishing permission (license). Ask in the local shops for buying a in Norwegian called “fiskekort”.

You can buy almost in every hardware store or sport shop fishing gear. In small places even the local grocery store is providing hooks and bait.


The campervans have integrated fridge where you can keep food and drinks for days.


Our vans runs on Diesel. You can drive approximately 600-900 km on a full tank depending on your driving and general conditions.

You’ll get a full tank when you pick up the campervan, and you need to return it the same way (full tank).

You can find the average diesel price in Norway here: https://var/web/site/public_html.globalpetrolprices.com/Norway/diesel_prices/


The vans are fully insured. There is a 6000 NOK deposit which covers self-risk, but insurance is included in the daily price.

If you somehow break minor things that is not because of wear and the fact that the cars are older, we will fix it as cheap as possible and send you a money request after your stay.

24/7 road assistance is also included free of charge. Please call number +47 21 49 24 00 if you need help. Please drive carefully and safely!

Yes, every camper comes with a CDW insurance, with a self-risk of 16.000 Nok. You can book an additional SCDW insurance with a self-risk of 7.500 NOK or a Travel Safe CDW insurance with a self-risk of 2.000 NOK. SCDW and Travel Safe CDW include free 24/7 roadside assistance.

Minimum age

The driver has to be at least 21 years old. If you are between 21 and 25 years there will be extra fee due to a higher insurance premium.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 3-7 days, depending on the season. If you want to rent the camper for less then the minimum rental period you still have to pay for the minimum rental period.

Opening hours

Our opening hours are from 08:00 – 18:00 o’clock every day. We are also offering after hour deliveries / pick ups from 06:00 – 08:00 and from 18:00 – 22:00 o’clock for an additional fee.

Parking / Camping

You can park your camper wherever you want and stay overnight. In Norway we have the freedom to roam. Rules:

  • Park your camper at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited building.
  • You can only stay 24 hours on one spot. If you want to stay longer you must ask for permission by the landowner.
  • Do not block any roads or entrances.
  • Do not leave any garbage behind.
  • Respect “no parking” or “no camping” signs.
  • From 15th of April to the 15th of September campfires are not allowed in forest areas.
Parking heater

During the summer you might not need a parking heater. But it can get cold at nights and having the  heater will give you great comfort. The heater uses a small amount of fuel from the fuel tank, and power from the camping battery.


Well behaved cats / dogs are normally allowed. Please contact us. There will be an extra cleaning fee, ensuring no pet traces for the next customer.

Pick Up

This is not possible. Pick up and drop off need to be at the same location.

Normally the pick-up time is from 2PM (14:00) to 4PM (16:00) and the drop-off time from 9AM (09:00) to 11AM (11:00) (if nothing else is agreed)

We will do our best to fulfil our customers need, so pick-up time may differ from the standard time. Check with us before arrival.


Yes, if your campervan breaks down due to technical issues that are not caused by irresponsible use or accidents caused by you, you will be reimbursed for every rental day that you are not able to use it. Please check our Terms and conditions for more information. Minor issues we will of course consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Reservation / Payment

Payment and booking are done online:

  1. Select your choice of van which are available on your dates.
  2. Customize your trip with extra service.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. Confirm your booking by paying either with a credit card or by Vipps.
  5. An order confirmation/ receipt will be received back by email.
Restrooms / Showers

Our campers are not provided with toilets. However, you may rent a Porta Potti from us.

Yes, every petrol station is offering restrooms which are free to use. You will also find almost in every village a cafe, library or supermarket which are having public restrooms.

You may ask a Camping site if can use the shower. They will charge you a small amount for the usage.

Return of van

It should be returned in the same condition as you got it. The van should be returned with full tank of diesel, and the grey water deposit to be emptied. In the case of returned campervan that needs professional cleaning, an additional cleaning fee on 500NOK inside, and 500NOK outside will be charged.

Roadside assistance / Breakdown

If your campervan breakdown you can call +47 21 49 24 00 for 24/7 roadside assistance. This is free and included in all bookings. Please contact us as well.

Sweden / Finland / Denmark

Yes, you can drive to Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Toll roads payment

Yes, all have installed a “Auto Pass” box which can be used for toll roads. Please do not use ferries and bridges, those fees have to be paid by yourself when you use those services.

When you book the van you can choose a xxx NOK toll road package that will cover all your toll road passing. If you choose to not include this road package, we will charge for the actual passing you have done together with a service fee of 150 NOK when your rental period is over.


All our campervans have manual transmission.


The vans are equipped with seatbelts for 4 passengers and have 2 double beds (4 persons).

Yes, the backrow seats will accommodate a child/baby seat.

Water / Gas

The water tank can easily be refilled at any petrol station or camping sites (they have water hoses, and the water is drinkable). There is a 20-litre water-tank in the back of the van. The vans have no grey-water tank, so all water from the sink runs straight through to the outside, this is no problem, but you should probably avoid doing your dishes in a public place.

All campervans come with a gas tank which we refill regularly/when empty. Should you however run out of gas you can refill it at your own cost at petrol stations.


You can check the weather on: www.yr.no